Tentang Kami

In 2004, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang officially opened the International Relations Department Program. International Relations students come from various regions in all provinces in Indonesia and abroad such as Thailand, Timor Leste, and Afghanistan. International Relations alumni are scattered in various ministries / government agencies / State institutions at home and abroad, multinational companies, international organizations, banks, academics, researchers, journalists, and as entrepreneurs.
Our department have 18 permanent lecturers with doctor and master degrees from well-known universities in the country and abroad. In addition, there are dozens of lecturers with various of research study across universities, and guest lecturers from various institutions from inside and outside the country.
Our department qualifications, expertise and interest in studies include the European Region, East Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific, America, Globalization Studies, International-Domestic Studies, HI Theory and Methodology, International Political Economy, International Security and others.


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